80% GMP Tiamulin Fumarate premixed veterinary medicine

Miaokemei80% Tiamulin Fumarate Premix Tiamulin with good palatabilityTiamulin is a semi-synthetic semi-fermented pleuromutilin (biguanide) antibiotic, which is a white or yellow crystalline powder. Its fumarate is soluble in water and chemically stable. It is an animal-specific antibiotic.Tiamulin has a strong pungent odor

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80% Tiamulin Fumarate Premix

Tiamulin with good palatability
Tiamulin is a semi-synthetic semi-fermented pleuromutilin (biguanide) antibiotic, which is a white or yellow crystalline powder. Its fumarate is soluble in water and chemically stable. It is an animal-specific antibiotic.
Tiamulin has a strong pungent odor that can affect the animal's feed intake.
Function and use
It is a bacteriostatic antibiotic, but the high concentration also has a bactericidal effect on sensitive bacteria. The mechanism of antibacterial action is to inhibit bacterial protein synthesis by binding to the bacterial ribosome 50s subunit.
This product has strong antibacterial effect on various mycoplasma, Gram-positive bacteria (especially staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus), treponema, etc., and has stronger effect on mycoplasma than tylosin, but on enterobacteria, the effect is poor. It is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of asthma caused by mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, swine dysentery caused by treponema, and ileitis caused by lawsonia intracellularis. It is also used for actinobacillus pleuropneumonia pleuropneumonia.

80% GMP Tiamulin Fumarate Premix Veterinary Drugs

Table 1 Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of tiamulin, telavancin and tylosin against T. hyodysenteriae
This product is easy to absorb in pigs. The single dose can be absorbed by about 85%, and the peak concentration of blood is reached in 2-4h. It is widely distributed in the body and has the highest drug concentration in the lungs. Tiamulin is metabolized into 20 metabolites in the body, some with antibacterial activity. About 30% of the metabolites are excreted in the urine and the rest are excreted from the feces. No adverse effects on immunity, growth and development during medication.
The resistance of bacteria (mycoplasma, Gram-positive bacteria, etc.) to tiamulin is slow. Low cross-resistance with tylosin, erythromycin, etc.
This product is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of mycoplasma pneumoniae or respiratory disease syndrome (PRDC), mycoplasma hyorhinis, mycoplasma synoviae infection, actinobacillus pleuropneumonia, swine dysentery caused by treponema, and ileitis caused by Lawsonia intracellularis.
Low doses can promote growth and increase feed conversion.

80% GMP Tiamulin Fumarate Premix Veterinary Drugs

Medicine interactions
Tiamulin has synergistic effects with tetracyclines, amoxicillin and the like. For example, the combination of tiamulin and chlortetracycline can produce 2 to 8 times synergistic effect on most pathogenic bacteria, and some can even reach 250 times (see Table2). Synergies are also manifested in the expansion of the antibacterial spectrum. Although in theory, tiamulin and florfenicol are incompatible, they are often used in production.
Combination of tiamulin with ionophore antibiotics such as monensin, salinomycin, methyl salinomycin, and lasalocid can increase the toxicity of the latter, causing death or other serious side effects.
Table 2 Antibacterial activity of tiamulin combined with chlortetracycline (Burch DGS, etc.)
TiamulinCTCTia+CTCSynergy coefficient 
μg /mLμg/mLμg/mLTiaCTC
Mycoplasma pneumoniae0.1320.016/1.082
Pasteurella multocida7.80.90.45/0.4544
Haemophilus parasuis0.93.90.45/0.4528
Bordetella bronchiseptica2500.450.45/0.225002
Comparison of Miaokemei and similar preparations

Table 3 Comparison of Miaokemei and similar preparations
Pharmaceutical preparation
MiaokemeiOrdinary domesticTargeted product
CoatedCoated wellunknownCoated well
Particle uniformityUniformUnevenUniform
Usage and dosage
Usage: Feed administration
Dosage: 15mg/kg body weight
Pig, mixed feed: 40~100g/ton of material, used for 5-10 days.
Miaokemei clinical application
Prevention of post-weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS))
Each ton of feed adds Miaokemei 125g + 50% Liduomeixinore 160g + 20% Fukexin300g, used for 7 to 10 days after weaning.
Prevent respiratory diseases in growing and finishing pigs
Each ton of feed is supplemented with Miaokemei125g+50% Liduomeixin160g +20% Fukexin 300g, and transferred to the growing and finishing pig house (or around 12 weeks old) for 7~10 days.
The gilt breeding stage, or before breeding
Each ton of feed adds Miaokemei 125g+50% Liduomeixin 160g+20% Fukexin 300g, used for 7 to 10 days. Note that if you are in the restricted feeding phase, you need to increase the amount of addition.
Prevention of sows, mastitis, postpartum lactation syndrome
Each ton of feed is added with Miaokemei 125g+50% Liduomeixin 200g+30% Anlisu 400g, 10 days before and after farrowing.
Treatment of ileitis, swine dysentery, etc.
Each ton of feed adds Miaokemei 125g+50% Liduomeixin 200g, used for 7 days, and then add Miaokemei 80g+50%Liduomeixin120g, for another 14 days.
Table 4 Miaokemei Usage
Recommended compatibilityStage of useEffect
Add per ton of feed: Miaokemei 125g + 50% Liduomeixin160g + 20% Fukexin 200g7 to 10 days of continuous use after weaning
After transfer to the finishe(or around 13 weeks old) for 7 to 10 days
Prevention and treatment of porcine respiratory disease syndrome
Control mixed bacterial infections associated with post-weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome and PRRS
Control ileitis, colitis
Add per ton of feed:Miaokemei125g+50% Liduomeixin160g+20% Fukexin 200g7 to 10 days of continuous use in the gilt breeding stage or before breedingReduce infections of chlamydia, mycoplasma, etc.
Control infection of pig erysipelas
Control Eperythrozoon infection
Add per ton of feed: Miaokemei125g+50%Lididuomeixin200g +30% Anlisu160g per ton of drinking waterSow
10 days before and after farrowing
7 days after Lactating
Prevention and treatment of sow triad
Control Eperythrozoonosis
Controlling pig erysipelas
Miaokemei Features
1. Good palatability: unique coating process, effectively masking the strong pungent odor of tiamulin without affecting feed intake.
2. Good fluidity: The coated particles are evenly sized and therefore easier to mix in the feed.
3. Good stability: High temperature granulation is not easy to break.
When the ambient temperature exceeds 40ºC, the storage period of the medicated feed shall not exceed 7 days.
It is strictly forbidden to add in the feed containing monensin, salinomycin, methyl salinomycin and lasalocidin.
Pay attention to personal protection and avoid contact with eyes.
Withdrawal time
Pig, 7 days
Sealed, protected from light, stored in a ventilated, cool, dry, free of pollutants, no toxic and hazardous substances.
Validity period
2 years
Packing specification
Content: 100g: 80g
Packing: 500g / bottle, 12 cans / box80% GMP Tiamulin Fumarate Premix Veterinary Drugs

SHANDONG HUACHEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. was established in June 2001 and registered capital is RMB 50 million. It is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise with two subsidiaries, names SHANDONG HUACHEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. and SHANDONG HWATSON BIOCHEM CO., LTD., which specializes in the production of pharmaceutical preparations and raw chemical materials.

80% GMP Tiamulin Fumarate Premix Veterinary Drugs

HUACHEN PHARMACEUTICAL has a professional production workshop and testing laboratory in China. In 2016, the GMP pharmaceutical preparations workshop was built according to international standards, which passed the GMP Certification of the Ministry of Agriculture and provided a guarantee for the reliable pharmaceutical preparations combining with the strict production management and quality control system.

Providing customers with the higher-quality products has always been the unremitting striving direction for HUACHEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. The company introduced the preparations technology, using the higher-quality customized raw materials and the stable imported ingredients to guarantee the quality of veterinary medicine from the source. HUACHEN veterinary drug preparations inherit the quality of brand drugs to achieve the highest level in quality and efficacy. Its bioequivalence is consistent with the imported drugs, which can effectively replace the imported products, and the price has been greatly reduced.

80% GMP Tiamulin Fumarate Premix Veterinary Drugs

HUACHEN not only produce the high quality products but rely on the professional disease diagnosis and testing center to provide timely and thoughtful service for the majority of breeding enterprises, which solved the problem of after- sales service. 

In 2018, HUACHEN has invested RMB 1 billion to build a Pharmaceutical Production Park which covers a total area of more than 34 hectares in the littoral area, creating the research development and manufacturing base for Vitamin B series. On the basis of the existing business trading, the company also involves the generic drugs for human and the innovative drugs.

80% GMP Tiamulin Fumarate Premix Veterinary Drugs

HUACHEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. will become a comprehensive modern pharmaceutical enterprise with international competitiveness in the future.


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