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High purity Penicillin G CAS-61-33-6 with factory price from BiolangProduct DetailsProduct NamePenicillin GCAS NO.61-33-6Molecular Weight334.39Density1.2729 (rough estimate)Melting Point82-83ºCMolecular formulaC16H18N2O4SsolubilityH2O: 100 mg/mLAcidity coefficient(pKa)H2O: 100 mg/mLUse of Penicillin G1.It is

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High purity Penicillin G CAS-61-33-6 with factory price from Biolang

Product Details
Product NamePenicillin G
CAS NO.61-33-6
Molecular Weight334.39
Density1.2729 (rough estimate)
Melting Point82-83ºC
Molecular formulaC16H18N2O4S
solubilityH2O: 100 mg/mL
Acidity coefficient(pKa)H2O: 100 mg/mL

High Purity Penicillin G CAS-61-33-6 Manufacturers in Stock
Use of Penicillin G
1.It is mainly used for various infections caused by Gram-positive bacteria, such as sepsis, pneumonia, nephritis, mastitis, endometritis, wound infection, swine erysipelas, swelling of pig lymph nodes, staphylococcosis of rabbits and birds, Streptococcosis, anthrax, malignant edema, emphysema, anthrax, equine adenosis, etc.
2.Penicillin G can also be used locally, such as intraductal injection, intrauterine injection and intra-articular injection to treat mastitis, endometritis and arthritis.

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High Purity Penicillin G CAS-61-33-6 Manufacturers in Stock
High Purity Penicillin G CAS-61-33-6 Manufacturers in StockHigh Purity Penicillin G CAS-61-33-6 Manufacturers in Stock
Packaging, storage and transportation:
25kg cardboard bucket packaging (can be separately packed according to customer requirements), lined with aluminum foil bag. Store in cool environment and transport as non dangerous goods. It is valid for two years.
Transportation description and transaction mode:
1. Freight mode and cycle: shipping, express line, etc., within three days of the day of payment;
2. Transaction mode: minimum unit quantity of product: 1kg per package, with two copies of "delivery note" issued by our company attached to the goods (quality inspection sheet can be attached as required by customers);
3. Terms of payment: payment by T / T, Western Union or Alibaba. Bulk order by T / T or L / C. Our company stipulates that the goods shall be delivered on delivery;
4. The unit price of the products quoted by our company is generally the price including transportation and excluding tax. If it is necessary to include tax, additional tax points will be calculated. For matters not covered, please let us know by cable!
5. Customer's rights: when accepting the goods, the customer has the right to confirm the model, quality, quantity and package (rotten package, broken package) of the goods. When confirming, please do not open the original package, but look at the appearance or take a small amount of samples for confirmation.

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