High-quality multi-vitamin oral liquid/multi-vitamin oral liquid

Multivitamin Oral SolutionComposition: Each 1000ml contains:Vitamin A6, 000, 000 IUVitamin D31, 200, 000 IUVitamin E2, 000 IUVitamin K32, 000 mgVitamin B1700 mgVitamin B22, 500 mgVitamin B6200 mgVitamin B122, 000 mcgVitamin C1, 000 mgNiacin10, 000 mgCa. D. Pantothenate3, 000mgDL-Methionine5, 000mgL-Lysine1, 000mgFerrous Sulfate3

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Multivitamin Oral Solution

Composition: Each 1000ml contains:
Vitamin A6, 000, 000 IU
Vitamin D31, 200, 000 IU
Vitamin E2, 000 IU
Vitamin K32, 000 mg
Vitamin B1700 mg
Vitamin B22, 500 mg
Vitamin B6200 mg
Vitamin B122, 000 mcg
Vitamin C1, 000 mg
Niacin10, 000 mg
Ca. D. Pantothenate3, 000mg
DL-Methionine5, 000mg
L-Lysine1, 000mg
Ferrous Sulfate3, 000 mg
Biotin1, 000 mcg
Excipient1, 000 ml

Supply nutrition for chicken, increase survival rate of chicken; Promote fast growth of broiler, and improve feed conversion ratio; Promote the growth and development of laying-hens and breeding bird in incubating, improve the group uniformity; Elevate antibody level, enhance resistance of body; Adjust the micro-ecology environment of intestinal tract; Accelerate the absorption of calcium and mineral matter; Improve physiological function of poultry;
Usage and dosage:
Resist stress, prevention of disease, adjuvant treatment: Dilute 1ml product to 6000 ml water for 3-7 days; Brooding and growth promotion: Dilute 1ml product to 6000 ml water for 3-5 days; Fatten broiler: Dilute 1ml product to 5000 ml water for 5-7 days; Laying-hens and breeding bird in incubating: Dilute 1ml product to 5000 ml water for 5-7 days.

Vitamin AD3E Solution
Composition: Each ml contains:
Vitamin A100,000IU
Vitamin D320,000IU
Vitamin E20mg

A liquid vitamin preparation for administration to farm livestock via the drinking water. It is particularly useful for the prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis connected with bacterial infections, improvements in rearing and maintenance of fertility in breeding stock.

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High Quality Multivitamin Oral Solution / Multivitamin Oral Liquid

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